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After reading from, ‘Modern Machine Shop’ this morning, I was reminded of my youth and an old time machine shop owned by Mr. Bailey, ‘Bailey’s Machine Shop.’

My dad was an owner/operator of a D8 bulldozer. He pushed original logging roads for over 40 years in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. When I was a young boy, I would be brought along on weekends to Bailey’s Machine Shop whenever there were repairs and fabrication needs related to dad’s work.

I remember vividly the oily, grimy, dirty, gritty, metal strewn disarray of the general yards of Bailey’s. More fascinating was the insides of the huge workings of the shop. I remember enormous fly wheels and long wide flapping canvas conveyor straps connecting whirring sprockets and drive lines that powered the machining tools.

I spent countless hours there, sifting among the mounds of tailing wastes and pieces of discarded metals of all kinds, fascinating. That was 50 years ago, when I was 8 years old. Now, we are on the cusp of an industrial revolution with Metal 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Metal 3D Printing and digital fabrication is transforming metal manufacturing and machining. The transformation has enormous potential for advantages in material and cost savings and thus environmental benefits, but most exciting is the design freedom offered with digital 3D CAD and Metal 3D Printing design.

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Post: | The Arrival of Low-Cost Metal 3D Printing?

July 2, 2017 | - "various exhibitors showed new low-cost metal 3D printing systems—systems available for around $120,000."

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Post: | Metalsmithing and 3D Printing workshop for teens set for July 13

July 2, 2017 | - "Ever wondered about 3D printers and Robotics?"

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Post: | Russian researchers say they've developed a 3D printer that can print with three metals

June 28, 2017 | - "While a number of metal 3D printers are currently on the market, many are only built to print using one type of metal material, which can be limiting for certain applications. Reportedly, however, a team of Russian researchers has developed a 3D printing technology capable of printing in three metals."

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Post: | British metal 3D printer manufacturer Renishaw to create high-speed aerospace turbines

June 28, 2017 | - "The British engineering company has also recently updated its QuantAM metal additive manufacturing software to provide more control over the printing process."

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Post: | GE Plans World's Largest Laser-Powered 3D Printer

June 23, 2017 | - "The Atlas Metal 3D Printer is designed to churn out parts up to one meter long, including entire engine blocks for automobiles."

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Post: | Metal 3D printing unlocks 3D graphene foam from a mixture of sugar and nickel

June 23, 2017 | - "Research led by the James M. Tour Group at Rice University, Texas, has developed an automated metal powder 3D printing method to make free-standing 3D graphene foams. The process allows for facile preparation of the material in bulk. This unlocks the potential to apply graphene’s unique properties to a range of objects including batteries and sound absorbers."

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Post: | New EOSTATE Exposure OT tool from EOS offers real-time monitoring for metal 3D printing

June 19, 2017 | - "EOS, a leader in metal and industrial 3D printing solutions, has announced the release of EOSTATE Exposure OT, the latest tool in its EOSTATE monitoring suite. Reportedly the first commercial system for optical tomography, EOSTATE Exposure OT offers users real-time camera monitoring of metal prints on the EOS M 290 system. The tool therefore enables users to visualize each part as it is being 3D printed, layer by layer."

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Post: | Stratasys unveils aerospace certification solution and technical partnership with Boom Supersonic

June 19, 2017 | - "German rail company Deutsche Bahn is attempting to tap in to this area by incorporating both plastic and metal 3D printed parts into its operations."

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Post: | New Metal 3D Printing Tech Heads to TechCrunch Disrupt

June 17, 2017 | - "The technology bears some resemblance to several new metal 3D printing processes revealed this year by Markforged, Desktop Metal and Admatec. Whereas Markforged and Desktop Metal print thermoplastic materials that encase metal powders using an FDM-style method, Admatec developed a DLP 3D printer that prints a photopolymer loaded with metal particles."

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Post: | Prodways Announces New Metal Deposition Technology for Metal 3D Printing

June 17, 2017 | - "Ahead of Le Bourget Paris Air Show, French 3D printer manufacturer Prodways Group has announced a new metal 3D printing technology, referred to by the company as Rapid Additive Forging (RAF), for the production of large-scale metal parts."

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Post: | Prodways gives 3D Printing Industry more details about new Metal 3D Printing method Rapid Additive Forging

June 17, 2017 | - "French 3D printing company Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorge, has revealed the development of a new Metal 3D Printing process they are called Rapid Additive Forging (RAF)."

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Post: | 3D Printing News ICYMI: EnvisionTEC partners with Ricoh, Desktop Metal gets new reseller

June 17, 2017 | - "Fisher Unitech to sell Desktop Metal 3D printers in Midwest, New England, Mid-Atlantic regions."

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Post: | Carnegie Mellon engineers sort metal 3D printing powders with 95% accuracy using new machine vision tech

June 7, 2017 | - "Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering have developed machine vision technology that can autonomously identify and sort different kinds of metal 3D printing powders with an accuracy of more than 95 percent. The technology could be commonplace within five years."

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Post: | Insights into the founding of metal 3D printing company Concept Laser

June 7, 2017 | - "Frank Herzog, CEO and founder of metal 3D printing company Concept Laser gives GE Reports an insights into the founding and initial development of the laser-based additive manufacturing technology."

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Post: | GKN Aerospace partners with Oak Ridge National Laboratory for large-scale additive manufacturing

June 6, 2017 | - "The process is known as Laser Metal Deposition with wire (LMD-w) and has been developed at GKN’s Additive Manufacturing center in St. Louis, Missouri."

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Post: | Solidscape Unveils S300 Series 3D Printers, Materials

June 6, 2017 | - "The Solidscape expanded portfolio built for the jewelry industry includes the S350 and S370 high precision 3D printers, new castable material, Midas, and new dissolvable support Melt-J."

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